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Multimedia Promotion Forum


September 1994

■Major Promoters

Tadao SAITOProfessor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
Keiji TachikawaSpecial Adviser, Advanced Hightechnology Research Institute , Ltd.
           [Former chief director, The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)]

■Supreme Advisors

Akira AMARIMember of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party, Former Minister of Ministry of Labor
Kazuyoshi KANEKOMember of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party, Former Minister of State for Regulatory Reform
Yoshimasa HAYASHIMember of the House of Councilors, Liberal Democratic Party, Director of Committee on Budget


The Multimedia Promotion Forum was founded in 1994, in order to meet the growing needs for a platform for open discussion and the sharing of information in the area of communications, i.e. next-generation communication network, mobile communications, and all others undergoing rapid technological change and globalization. The three founders, Dr. Tadao Saito (Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo), Dr. Keiji Tachikawa (Former President of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.), and Mr. Kenji Akiyama (President of Advanced Hightechnology Research Institute, Ltd.) felt the urgent need for a forum where participants can meet and interact with each other, irrespective of their industries or positions.

Earning the endorsement of diverse members of the industry, the academia, the government, and the political world, the forum has broadened its activities until today.

(From the left) Keiji Tachikawa/Tadao Saito -A Party of 2001

(From the left) Yuki Aoyama/Tohru Murase/ Tadao Saito/Masayoshi Wakao/Shunzo Morishita/ Kenji Akiyama -A Party of 2001

From the left) Hiroshi Yasuda/Tadao saito /Amatsu/Keiji Tachikawa/Hiroshi Kuwabara -A Party of 2002

(From the left) Takeshi Hattori/Heiichi Yamamoto -A Party of 2002

(From the left) Keiji Tachikawa/Eiichi Sugimoto -A Party of 2002

(From the left)Testuzo Matsumoto/Yutaka Yasuda-A Party of 2004

A special Forum & Party of 2005

(From the left)Shuichi Kawasaki/Hiroshi Kuwabara-A special Forum & Party of 2005